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B. Tahir, S. Schwarz, M. Rupp:
"BER Comparison Between Convolutional, Turbo, LDPC, and Polar Codes";
Talk: 24th International Conference on Telecommunications (ICT 2017), Limassol, Cyprus; 05-03-2017 - 05-05-2017; in: "Proceedings of the 24th International Conference on Telecommunications (ICT 2017)", IEEE Xplore, (2017), ISBN: 978-1-5386-0643-8.

English abstract:
Channel coding is a fundamental building block in any communications system. High performance codes, with low complexity encoding and decoding are a must-have for future wireless systems, with requirements ranging from the operation in highly reliable scenarios, utilizing short information messages and low code rates, to high throughput scenarios, working with long messages, and high code rates. We investigate in this paper the performance of Convolutional, Turbo, Low-Density Parity-Check (LDPC), and Polar codes, in terms of the Bit-Error-Ratio (BER) for different information block lengths and code rates, spanning the multiple scenarios of reliability and high throughput. We further investigate their convergence behavior with respect to the number of iterations (turbo and LDPC), and list size (polar), as well as how their performance is impacted by the approximate decoding algorithms.

Decoding, Encoding, codes, comparison, Convolutional, Turbo, LDPC, Polar, BER, Complexity theory, Reliability, Iterative decoding

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