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M. Lindorfer, C. Mecklenbräuker, G. Ostermayer:
"Modeling the Imperfect Driver: Incorporating Human Factors in a Microscopic Traffic Model";
IEEE Transactions on Intelligent Transportation Systems, 19 (2018), 9; 2856 - 2870.

English abstract:
In this paper we present the Enhanced Human Driver Model (EHDM), a time-continuous microscopic car-following (CF) model which considers numerous characteristics attributable to the human driver. It is based on the popular Intelligent Driver Model (IDM) and the Human Driver Model (HDM), a meta-model which enables the integration of human driving behavior into classical follow-the-leader models. We extend the HDM by adding variable, situation-dependent reaction times, different types of driver distraction and driving errors to the model. Furthermore, we show that the EHDM provides a more thorough representation of human driving behavior compared to the HDM by performing dynamic traffic simulations and by validating both models with the aid of real-word vehicle data captured in an extensive field test.

car-following, human factors, traffic modeling, simulation

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