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O. Liske, P. Dorfinger, R. Gmeiner, S. Baudis, J. Stampfl, R. Liska, S. Knaus:
"UV curable materials for 3D printing based on renewable resources";
Talk: RadTech Europe Conference & Exhibition 2017, Prag; 10-17-2017 - 10-19-2017; in: "RadTech Europe Conference & Exhibition 2017", (2017), 71.

English abstract:
Additive manufacturing technologies (AMTs) are very powerful tools to create complex parts. However, they generally have a high tendency to produce waste. Additionally, the materials predominantly base on petrochemical products leading to processes with a very low sustainability. In this work, lignin, the second most abundant natural polymer in wood, was taken as an alternative renewable resource for photo-curable polymers. Lignin was modified through an oxyalkylation reaction with propylene oxide in order to liquefy and to improve the solubility. Subsequently, the modified lignin was equipped with photopolymerizable (meth)acrylate groups and successfully processed by different lithography-based additive manufacturing to obtain arbitrary parts in high resolution.

Additive manufacturing technologies, lignin, the second most abundant natural polymer in wood, renewable resource for photo-curable polymers, lithography-based additive manufacturing

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