Publications in Scientific Journals:

M. Doyle:
"The Informational Motor of Michel Serres: An Architectonics of Algorithmic Reasoning and Abstraction";
Azimuth, X (2017), 137 - 151.

English abstract:
Humanity has throughout history developed various strategies of making sense of the incomprehensible. From ritual and custom to geometry and algebra, models of religion and science have attempted to bring a world of heterogeneous entities into a common space and time. Such models, however, risk excluding that which is external to their model. The creation of a communicational space founded upon inclusion rather than exclusion requires a new sort of instrument of cognition-an informational motor-which would be able to decipher order in an otherwise noisy contingency. Looking at the work of Michel Serres, Roman Architect Vitruvius and others, I argue that, just as the atomist physics of Ancient Greece challenged the model of a pantheistic world, quantum physics continues to challenge the model of classical physics. With both algorithmic and abstract reasoning, however, we can build informational motors fueled by contingency and powered by the very heterogeneity most models seek to exclude.

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