Scientific Reports:

S. Schwarz:
"Evaluation Report - Two-Years Evaluation, Dependable Wireless Connectivity for the Society in Motion";
Report for Christian Doppler Forschungsgesellschaft; 2017; 159 pages.

English abstract:
The Christian Doppler Laboratory for Dependable Wireless Connectivity for the Society in Motion addresses fundamental research questions arising from large numbers of static and mobile wireless users especially within urban agglomerations. The research focus is not only on enhancing mobile network capacity and best-effort high data rate services, but equally on dependable (reliability- and delay-critical)
data transmissions. Under these circumstances we focus on questions relating to efficiency, reliability, latency and availability of wireless communications. The scope of the laboratory is on enhancing candidate 5G link and system level technologies to realize our vision of a connected Society in Motion through combined heterogeneous cellular and ad-hoc wireless networks, employing novel PHY waveforms,
carrier frequencies in the millimeter wave (mmWave) band and full-dimension multiple input multiple output (FD-MIMO) multi-antenna concepts, as well as, dynamic coordination of the medium access
control (MAC) and the network layer. Our research work involves basic measurement-based wireless channel characterization in the mmWave band to acquire an understanding of channel fading behaviour in static and mobile situations. We evaluate our designs through mathematical analysis (utilizing, e.g., stochastic geometric methods) and validate results through extensive link and system level simulations as well as test-bed measurements.

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