Publications in Scientific Journals:

Z. Li, H. Van Gorp, P. Walke, T. Phan, Y. Fujita, J. Greenwood, O. Ivasenko, K. Tahara, Y. Tobe, H. Uji-I, S. Mertens, S. De Feyter:
"Area-selective passivation of sp2 carbon surfaces by supramolecular self-assembly";
Nanoscale, 9 (2017), 5188 - 5193.

English abstract:
Altering the chemical reactivity of graphene can offer new opportunities for various applications. Here, we
report that monolayers of densely packed n-pentacontane significantly reduce the covalent grafting of
aryl radicals to graphitic surfaces. The effect is highly local in nature and on fully covered substrates grafting
can occur only at monolayer imperfections such as interdomain borders and vacancy defects.
Grafting partially covered substrates primarily results in the covalent modification of uncoated areas.

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