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B. Sousa Santos, A. Ferko, M. Ilcik, I. Ilcikova, M. Wimmer et al.:
"Distinctive Approaches to Computer Graphics Education";
Computer Graphics Forum (invited), Oktober (2017).

English abstract:
This paper presents the latest advances and research in Computer Graphics education in a nutshell. It is concerned with topics that were presented at the Education Track of the Eurographics Conference held in Lisbon in 2016. We describe works corresponding to approaches to Computer Graphics education that are unconventional in some way and attempt to tackle unsolved problems and challenges regarding the role of arts in computer graphics education, the role of research-oriented activities in undergraduate education and the interaction among different areas of Computer Graphics, as well as their application to courses or extra-curricular activities. We present related works addressing these topics and report experiences, successes and issues in implementing the approaches.

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