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S. Seichter, V. Archodoulaki, T. Koch, A. Holzner, A. Wondracek:
"Investigation of different influences on the fatigue behaviour of industrial rubbers";
Polymer Testing, 59 (2017), 99 - 106.

English abstract:
Load conditions used typically for fatigue life investigations can differ strongly from the conditions for
real rubber products. For example, the frequency of the laboratory measurements is increased and the
product load curve is simplified to a sine. In this paper, industrial rubber blends (SBR/BR/NR blends)
under tensionecompression load are used. First, the influence of a higher frequency (5 Hz) compared to
the product relevant frequency (1 Hz) is investigated. A higher frequency does not influence the fatigue
life but certainly the sample temperature and material behaviour. This is further investigated by varying
the ambient temperature for 1 Hz measurements and the strain rate. Second, a non-sinusoidal wave form
depicting the product loading case is selected. The load oscillates between tension and compression with
dwell periods in every cycle. The results are comparable to those of a sine wave with the same frequency

fatigue analysis; rubber; frequency; wave form; tension-compression load

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