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R. Prutkin, M. Nöllenburg:
"Euclidean Greedy Drawings of Trees";
Discrete & Computational Geometry, 58 (2017), 3; 543 - 579.

English abstract:
Greedy embedding (or drawing) is a simple and efficient strategy to route messages in wireless sensor networks. For each source-destination pair of nodes s, t in a greedy embedding there is always a neighbor u of s that is closer to t according to some distance metric. The existence of greedy embeddings in the Euclidean plane R^2 is known for certain graph classes such as 3-connected planar graphs. We completely characterize the trees that admit a greedy embedding in R^2. This answers a question by Angelini et al. (Networks 59(3):267-274, 2012) and is a further step in characterizing the graphs that admit Euclidean greedy embeddings.

Greedy drawings, Tree drawings, Greedy routing

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