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K. Spiel:
"Eluding Experiences - The Broken Promises of Player Experience Questionnaires";
Talk: Seminar Series of the HCI Games Group, Waterloo, Kanada (invited); 2017-12-05.

English abstract:
The quantification of players´ experiences during gameplay has been a consistent interest culminating in several publications within Games Research in the last ten years. I will provide an overview of the dominant questionnaires in the field and discuss their conceptualisations of player experiences. While researchers using them are usually aware of their limitations and report them, they are often neglected when it comes to citations and knowledge creations within the field. Hence, I will further show how we applied the Game Experience Questionnaire on a Games Research project involving Tetris and where it limited our research. I argue that through critically analysing our tools, we can understand them better, use them more sophistically in the future and move our focus to less researched experiences.

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