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S. Baumgartner, J.-A. Schönherr, A. Schedle, J. Stampfl:
"Lithography-based Ceramic Manufacturing in Digital Dentistry";
Poster: ViCEM - Vienna Center for Engineering in Medicine Inaugural Meeting 2017, Wien; 11-09-2017 - 11-10-2017.

English abstract:
The possibility of producing complex parts is what makes additive manufacturing technologies (AMT) interesting for many applications. AM has already found its way into fields as biomedical engineering and
dentistry, where customized solutions are relevant. Precision, however, still is the weak point of many systems available. At TU Wien we developed a lithography-based method to produce parts out of different
materials such as polymers, highly filled ceramic slurries and composites with a feature resolution down to 20 μm. In case of ceramics, the thermal postprocessing leads to further difficulties regarding precision
due to shrinkage and sinter distortion. This study shows the possibilities and current limitations of structuring ceramic slurries using stereolithography by comparing the fitting of stereolithographic manufactured
parts to the original digital file and conventionally produced dental restorations. Together with the Bernhard Gottlieb University of Dentistry the crowns were scanned, matched and analyzed.

AM, Dental, Ceramics, 3D-printing

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