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G. Futschek, M. Weigend:
"Workshop on Unplugged Computational Thinking Activities";
Talk: ISSEP 2017, Helsinki; 2017-11-13 - 2017-11-15; in: "ISSEP 2017 Online Proceedings", (2017), 2 pages.

English abstract:
The workshop aims on unplugged learning arrangements on Computer Science (CS) that can be used at schools in all grades. The activities do not require computers ("unplugged") but everyday material that can be found in any classroom like paper, pencil, Lego and furniture. The goal is to inspire and involve the learners in such a way that they get an idea of CS concepts on a concrete operational level. Practical experience from unplugged activities may be a basis for a better and deeper understanding of theoretical concepts. The participants of the workshop perform, create and discuss game-like collaborative activities on CS covering main facets of computational thinking.

computational thinking, unplugged activities, co-operative learning

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