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D. Schachinger, W. Kastner:
"Semantic interface for machine-to-machine communication in building automation";
Talk: 13th IEEE International Workshop on Factory Communication Systems (WFCS 2017), Trondheim, Norway; 2017-05-31 - 2017-06-02; in: "Proceedings of the 13th IEEE International Workshop on Factory Communication Systems", IEEE, (2017), ISBN: 978-1-5090-5788-7; 9 pages.

English abstract:
Current trends and advancements in the Internet of Things and the Semantic Web have already found their way into the domain of building automation. As machine-to-machine communication and integration of heterogeneous building automation technologies are of increasing importance, interoperability is a necessary precondition. In order to support building automation communication, a customized set of services needs to be available. Additionally, semantics of exchanged information has to be described in a machine-readable way to enable automatic interpretation of message contents. In this work, an interface based on Web technologies and Semantic Web standards is presented, which supports platform-independent machine-to-machine communication for building automation. A requirements analysis for such an interface leads to the definition of a service-oriented architecture. The semantics of exchanged message contents is described in an ontology that provides the basis for a common understanding. Moreover, feasibility and hardware requirements of the proposed approach are evaluated.

Building automation, machine-to-machine, semantics, service-oriented architecture, system integration

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