S. Rizkalla, C. Mecklenbräuker, R. Prestros:
"Proximity integrated circuit card and method";
Patent: Europe, No. EP3193282(A1); submitted: 01-12-2016, granted: 07-19-2017.

English abstract:
A proximity integrated circuit card and a method of manufacturing the same. The proximity integrated circuit card includes a card portion. The proximity integrated circuit card also includes an integrated circuit module comprising an integrated circuit and optionally also a module coil. The proximity integrated circuit card further includes a booster coil arrangement comprising one or more planar coils and an impedance matching network. The impedance matching network is operable to transfer power for providing a 3dB bandwidth at an input of the integrated circuit that is at least 47.1% of the 3dB bandwidth of the integrated circuit.

RFID, PICC, impedance matching

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