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D. Adam, K. Meinhard, R. Lackner:
"Temperature Measurements to determine the Diameter of Jet-grouted Columns";
in: "Proceedings of the DFI and EFFC 11th International Conference of Geotechnical Challenges in Urban Regeneration", herausgegeben von: EFFC; Eigenverlag, London, 2010, (eingeladen).

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In this paper, a back-analysis scheme for the determination of the properties of jet-grouted structures using thermo-chemical couplings is presented. Hereby, the temperature increase in the center of the jet-grouted column is monitored and compared with the result of a thermo-chemical analysis of the hydration process in the column. As regards the latter, a multi-phase hydration model taking the chemical composition of the employed cement (or blended cement) into account is used.

Jet-grouted Columns

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