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Ch. Lechner, M. Koch, W. Lauterborn, R. Mettin:
"Pressure and tension waves from bubble collapse near a solid boundary: a numerical approach";
Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, 142 (2017), 6; 3649 - 3659.

English abstract:
The acoustic waves being generated during the motion of a bubble in water
near a solid boundary are calculated numerically.
The open source package OpenFOAM is used for solving the Navier-Stokes equation and extended
to include nonlinear acoustic wave effects via the Tait equation for water.
A bubble model with a small amount of gas is chosen, the gas obeying an adiabatic law.
A bubble starting from a small size with high internal pressure
near a flat, solid boundary is studied.
The sequence of events from bubble growth via axial microjet formation, jet impact,
annular nanojet formation, torus-bubble collapse, and bubble rebound
to second collapse is described.
The different pressure and tension waves with their propagation properties are demonstrated.

bubble dynamics, jet formation, annular jet, torus shock waves

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