E. Csencsics, M. Thier, R. Hainisch, G. Schitter:
"System and Control Design of a Voice Coil Actuated Mechanically Decoupling Two-body Vibration Isolation System";
IEEE/ASME Transactions on Mechatronics, 23 (2018), 1; 10 S.

Kurzfassung englisch:
Structural modes such as decoupling of a mechanical
subsystem are in general unwanted effects in high
precision positioning systems. This paper introduces intentional
decoupling as a design choice by using a connecting flexuredamper
configuration that allows high bandwidth control of a
stiff first subsystem and lower bandwidth control of a bulky
second subsystem at the same time. An experimental setup of a
single DoF system with one body intentionally decoupling above
190 Hz is developed and analyzed, showing good agreement with
the analytical modeling. A model-based H∞-controller to actively
control the position of the first body is designed and the damping
in the system is revealed as an important design parameter to
reduce the control effort around the decoupling frequency. It is
demonstrated that with the derived controller the first and the
second body of the resulting prototype can simultaneously be
controlled with bandwidths of 1.4 kHz and 180 Hz, respectively.
When exposed to a disturbance profile with 12.4 μm rms value in
the laboratory environment the remaining rms positioning errors
for the actively and passively controlled subsystems are as small
as 0.12 μm and 0.81 μm, respectively.

Vibrations, Optimal control, System analysis and design

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