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H. Isakovic, R. Grosu, D. Ratasich, J. Kadlec, Z. Pohl, S. Kerrison, K. Georgiou, N. Druml, L. Tadros, F. Christiansen, E. Wheatley, B. Farkas, R. Meyer, M. Berekovic:
"A Survey of Hardware Technologies for Mixed-Critical Integration Explored in the Project EMC2";
Talk: SAFECOMP 2017 DECSoS, Trento (invited); 2017-09-12 - 2017-09-15; in: "Computer Safety, Reliability, and Security", Lecture Notes in Computer Science / Springer, Volume 10486 (2017), ISBN: 978-3-319-66284-8; 124 - 140.

English abstract:
In the sandbox world of cyber-physical systems and
internet-of-things a number of applications is only eclipsed by a
number of products that provide solutions for specific problem or
set of problems. Initiatives like the European project EMC2 serve
as cross-disciplinary incubators for novel technologies and fuse
them together with state-of-the-art industrial applications. This
paper reflects on challenges in scope of hardware architectures
and related technologies. It also provides a short overview of
several technologies explored in the project that provide bridging
solutions for these problems.

hardware, architecture, mixed-critical, cps, iot

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