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M. Fereydooni, M. Sabaei, M. Dehghan, M. Taranetz, M. Rupp:
"A Mathematical Framework to Evaluate Flexible Outdoor User Association in Urban Two-Tier Cellular Networks";
IEEE Transactions on Wireless Communications, 3 (2018), 17; 1559 - 1573.

English abstract:
In this paper, we present a mathematical framework to evaluate the performance of a typical outdoor user in an urban two-tier mobile network under a biased user association. The urban environment is abstracted by a Boolean scheme of blockages, which affects the deployment of outdoor BSs and indoor small cell BSs, as well as the signal propagation characteristics of the wireless channels. A building is served by an indoor small cell BS with a certain probability, which we denote as occupation probability. Employing tools from stochastic geometry, we derive mathematical expressions for the coverage probability and the average spectral efficiency of a typical outdoor user. Numerical evaluations are carried out with 3GPP compliant outdoor BS scenarios. Our results show that increasing blockage density has a negative impact on the spectral efficiency in sparse outdoor BSs scenarios but it has a positive impact on the performance of the network in dense outdoor BSs scenarios. We build our analysis on several assumptions, which are verified by extensive Monte Carlo simulations.

Urban environment; outdoor user; building blockage; random object process; biased user association.

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