M. Pinsker, M. Bodirsky, A. Pongrácz, D. Bradley-Williams:
"The Universal Homogeneous Binary Tree";
angenommen für Journal of Logic and Computation arXiv:1409.2170 (2017), S. 01 - 18.

Kurzfassung englisch:
A partial order is called semilinear iff the upper bounds of each element are linearly ordered and any two elements have a common upper bound. There exists, up to isomorphism, a unique countable existentially closed semilinear order, which we denote by S2. We study the reducts of S2, that is, the relational structures with the same domain as S2 all of whose relations are first-order definable in S2. Our main result is a classification of the model-complete cores of the reducts of S2. From this, we also obtain a classification of reducts up to first-order interdefinability, which is equivalent to a classification of all closed permutation groups that contain the automorphism group of S2

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