Publications in Scientific Journals:

G. Schütz, J. Weghuber, P. Lanzerstorfer, E. Sevcsik:
"Protein Micropatterning Assay: Quantitative Analysis of Protein-Protein Interactions";
Methods Molec. Biol., 1550 (2017), 261 - 270.

English abstract:
Characterization, especially quantification, of protein interactions in live cells is usually not an easy
endeavor. Here, we describe a straightforward method to identify and quantify the interaction of a membrane
protein ("bait") and a fluorescently labeled interaction partner ("prey") (membrane-bound or cytosolic)
in live cells using Total Internal Reflection Fluorescence microscopy. The bait protein is immobilized
within patterns in the plasma membrane (e.g., via an antibody); the bait-prey interaction strength can be
quantified by determining the prey bulk fluorescence intensity with respect to the bait patterns. This
method is particularly suitable also for the analysis of weak, transient interactions that are not easily accessible
with other methods.

Protein-protein interactions, Soft lithography, TIRF microscopy, Quantitive analysis, Membrane proteins

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