Publications in Scientific Journals:

E. Sevcsik, G. Schütz:
"Proteins and lipids - a complicated relationship?";
ASBMB Today, 16 (2017), 1; 9 - 10.

English abstract:
Researchers have been discuss-
ing for many years the role of the
lipid matrix in regulating the activity
and the organization of membrane
proteins. A variety of e ects have been
singled out and studied qualitatively
and quantitatively in model systems.
However, the applicability of those
results to living cells is - in many
cases - unsatisfactory. Here, we
would like to make the point that the
complexity of the lipid-protein matrix
in cells alters the physico-chemical
mechanisms of protein-lipid interac-
tions to an unknown extent when
compared to model systems.

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