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B. Heinzl, P. Raich, Franz Preyser, W. Kastner, P. Smolek, I. Leobner:
"Modular Hybrid Modeling based on DEVS for Interdisciplinary Simulation of Production Systems";
Talk: 31st European Simulation and Modelling Conference - ESM'2017, Lisbon, Portugal; 2017-10-25 - 2017-10-27; in: "Proceedings of the 31st European Simulation and Modelling Conference - ESM'2017", (2017), ISBN: 978-94-92859-00-6; 157 - 161.

English abstract:
In order to analyze and optimize complex industrial pro-
duction systems, methods for hybrid simulation are nec-
essary that incorporate discrete as well as continuous
aspects while at the same time providing modularity
across engineering domains. To this end, this paper
presents an overview of an approach based on hyPDEVS
- an extended DEVS formalism - that facilitates reuse
of hybrid components. The application of this approach
is demonstrated on a model of an industrial oven as well
as a complete case study example of a typical production
plant. A prototype in-house simulator implementation
shows sufficient performance to enable simulation-based
optimization with a high number of iterations and allows
to be integrated into existing industrial automation soft-
ware infrastructure in order to facilitate energy-aware
plant operation.

hybrid DEVS, Modular Hybrid Modeling, Production Systems, Industrial Energy Efficiency, Cubes

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Project Head Fritz Bleicher:
Balanced Manufacturing

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