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Flo Güldenpfennig:
"Making a Customized DIY-Computer with Infobricks";
Talk: British HCI conference (HCI), Sunderland (UK); 2017-07-03 - 2017-07-06; in: "Tagungsband British HCI", (2017), 1 - 12.

English abstract:
Making is about learning new skills, creative explorations, and solving problems; but it is also about giving and caring for others. Many makers enjoy creating unique and bespoke presents to give them to people they care about to enrich their life. To support and exploit this motivation, we designed a modular toolkit named Infobricks, which was conceived for creating DIY and accessible
computers. For a grounded requirements gathering of Infobricks, we conducted a study featuring six makers. We present a functional
prototype for Infobricks as an embodiment of the findings
from this study. Moreover, we illustrate Infobricks in a "lived scenario" featuring one additional participant who used the kit to create a computer for her older mother. Overall, our ambition in this paper is to design a toolkit like Infobricks and to demonstrate how it can provide e.g. senior citizens with customized
computers by drawing on the constructive energy and skillset of makers.

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