Doctor's Theses (authored and supervised):

R. Mariescu-Istodor:
"Efficient Management And Search Of Gps Routes";
Supervisor, Reviewer: P. Fränti, J. Krumm, H. Karimi, W. Kropatsch; University of Eastern Finland/aculty of Science and Forestry for public examination in Louhela auditorium in Science Park, 2017.

English abstract:
This research was focused on routes recorded using global positioning system
(GPS) and examines methods of recording, storing, processing and visualizing
those routes on a map. All of the methods discussed in this dissertation have been
implemented in Mopsi, a location-based service with a collection of over 10,000
routes (11 million points).
I first discuss the creation of a system capable of working with a large amount of
data, by applying two point-reduction methods. The two methods are cropping and
polygonal approximation. These techniques allow users to load and visualize a
large amount of data that would otherwise typically overload a browser.
Secondly, we used a grid to define four route measures: similarity, inclusion, novelty
and noteworthiness. These measures feature in applications that deal with route
search, ride-sharing and identifying taxi fraud. The similarity measure, C-SIM, allows
real-time search on the Mopsi database. Our results showed that it is helpful
for users who record their sports activities.
Navigation software is essential nowadays when visiting a large city. Our final
contribution is CellNet, a method that uses the route database to infer the road
network in an area, which is essential for navigation devices to function correctly.
Using CellNet, we obtained higher quality results than those obtained by three
conceptually different popular alternatives.

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