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P. Knees:
"Music Retrieval and Recommendation: Applications in Music Creation and Collaboration";
Talk: 3rd Berlin Music Information Retrieval Meetup, Berlin, Germany (invited); 2017-05-15.

English abstract:
The field of music information retrieval - among other things - deals with the extraction of musical information from audio signals as well as meta-data in the widest sense. This requires a variety of intermediate steps, from onset detection, to beat tracking, to key estimation, to melody extraction, to instrument recognition. The extracted features have proven to be applicable for a number of tasks, such as music recommendation and cover song retrieval. They also facilitate several applications for intelligent music production as can be found in today´s digital audio workstations. In this talk I will give an introduction to the field of MIR and the prevalent techniques used in audio and user-generated data analysis. I will connect these to some of the outcomes of the recently finished GiantSteps project, as well as to new challenges we are facing in a recently started project on recommendation in an online jam community.

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