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A. Mileo, M. Dao-Tran, T. Eiter, M. Fink:
"Stream Reasoning";
in: "Encyclopedia of Database Systems", L. Liu, M.T. M. Tamer (ed.); Springer Science+Business Media, 2017, (invited), ISBN: 9781461482666, 7 - 12.

English abstract:
Stream Reasoning refers to inference approaches and deduction mechanisms which are concerned with
providing continuous inference capabilities over dynamic data. The paradigm shift from current batch-
like approaches towards timely and scalable stream reasoning leverages the natural temporal order in data
streams and applies windows-based processing to complex deduction tasks that go beyond continuous
query processing such as those involving preferential reasoning, constraint optimization, planning, uncertainty, non-monotonicity, non-determinism, and solution enumeration.

Stream Reasoning

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