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D. Winkler, R. Sabou, S. Biffl:
"Improving Quality Assurance in Multi-Disciplinary Engineering Environments with Semantic Technologies";
in: "Quality Control and Assurance - An Ancient Greek Term ReMastered", InTech, 2017, ISBN: 978-953-51-2921-9, 177 - 200.

English abstract:
In multidisciplinary engineering (MDE) projects, for example, automation systems or
manufacturing systems, stakeholders from various disciplines, for example, electrics,
mechanics and software, have to collaborate. In industry practice, engineers apply
individual and highly specialized tools with strong limitation regarding defect detection
in early engineering phases. Experts typically execute reviews with limited tool support
which make engineering projects defective and risky. Semantic Web Technologies
(SWTs) can help to bridge the gap between heterogeneous sources as foundation for
efcient and effective defect detection. Main questions focus on (a) how to bridge gaps
between loosely coupled tools and incompatible data models and (b) how SWTs can
help to support efcient and effective defect detection in context of engineering process
improvement. This chapter describes success-critical requirements for defect detection
in MDE and shows how SWTs can provide the foundation for early and efcient defect
detection with an adapted review approach. The proposed defect detection framework
(DDF) suggests different levels of SWT contributions as a roadmap for engineering
process improvement. Two selected industry-related real-life cases show different levels
of SWT involvement. Although SWTs have been successfully applied in real-life use
cases, SWT applications can be risky if applied without good understanding of success
factors and limitations.

Semantic Web Technologies, automation systems engineering, multidisciplinary engineering, quality assurance, defect detection, engineering process improvement

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