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G. Carneiro, R. Laigner, M. Kalinowski, D. Winkler, S. Biffl:
"Investigating the Influence of Inspector Learning Styles on Design Inspections: Findings of a Quasi-Experiment";
Talk: 20th Ibero-American Conference on Software Engineering, Experimental Software Engineering (ESELAW) Track, Buenos Aires, Argentina; 2017-05-22 - 2017-05-23; in: "Proceedings of the 20th Ibero-American Conference on Software Engineering, Experimental Software Engineering (ESELAW) Track", IEEE, (2017), ISBN: 978-987-3806-98-8; 222 - 235.

English abstract:
Software inspections are an efficient mean to improve
quality. Learning Styles (LS) have been used to detect an individualīs
preferences to acquire and process information according to different
dimensions. For requirements inspections, inspection teams with different LSs
showed more effective at detecting defects than teams with similar LS. [Goal]
The goal of this paper is to investigate the influence of inspectorīs LS on the
effectiveness and efficiency of design inspections. [Method] We conducted a
quasi-experiment using a subset of a real requirements document and
corresponding design diagrams with seeded defects, characterizing each of the
participants according to their LSs. We also implemented a script to combine
inspectors into nominal inspection teams. [Results] We observed that, for
design inspections, teams with similar LSs were more effective and efficient
than teams with dissimilar LSs. [Conclusions] Design inspections seem to be
affected more by other factors, such as defect detection techniques, than from
selecting inspectors based on their learning styles. However, replications are
needed to reinforce our results.

software design inspection; inspection teams; learning styles; quasiexperiment.

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