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K. Ballweg, M. Pohl, G. Wallner, T. von Landesberger:
"A Proposal for Measuring the Perceived Pairwise Similarity Inspired by Tversky's Similarity Model on the Example of Directed Acyclic Graphs";
Poster: IEEE Conference on Visual Analytics Science and Technology (IEEE VAST 2017), Phoenix, AZ; 2017-10-01 - 2017-10-06.

English abstract:
A precise and valid measurement of perceived similarity is essential for evaluating comparative visualizations. Our experiment on the perceived similarity of directed acyclic graphs showed that the common Likert scale measurement lacks precision and challenges the measurements´ validity due to a mismatch of the Likert scale with the preferences and the mental model of humans. We therefore searched for an alternative measuring instrument. By broadening our search scope we found Tversky´s model of perceived pairwise similarity. It provides a valid and well-known model of human similarity perception. So, we transferred it into a measuring instrument. While our proposal still needs to be validated we think it is capable of solving the Likert scale´s issues and, therefore, it will provide substantial benefit for comparative visualization research.

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Project Head Margit Pohl:
Paarweiser Vergleich von gerichteten, azyklischen Graphen aus HCI Perspektive

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