Scientific Reports:

T. Pilissy, G. Fazekas, P. Mayer, P. Panek, R. Rosenthal, A. Sobjak, A. Tóth, B. Unger-Hrdlicka:
"D3.2 Evaluation Results PT1 including recommendations for PT2";
Report for iToilet - ICT-enabled Toilet Supporting Active Life, AAL-JP, AAL-2015-1-084; 2017; 44 pages.

English abstract:
The deliverable D3.2 at hand describes the evaluation activities for the iToilet first prototype generation (PT1) which were carried out in laboratory trials in Budapest and in Vienna. The laboratory trials were organised in close cooperation between WP3 and the user involvement activities in WP1 (T1.3 and T1.4). For details regarding the planning of the lab trials please see the Plan for Laboratory Trials in deliverable D1.3. Older persons, formal and informal care personnel and experts were involved in the evaluation of the prototype. This also includes the design of the UI for the care documentation system. D3.2 describes the findings of PT1 evaulation and the recommendations for the upcoming improved prototypes PT1+ and PT2.

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