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T. Trinh, P. Aryan, B. Do, F. Ekaputra, E. Kiesling, A. Rauber, P. Wetz, A. Tjoa:
"Linked data processing provenance: towards transparent and reusable linked data integration.";
Talk: International Conference on Web Intelligence 2017, Leipzig, Germany; 2017-08-23 - 2017-08-26; in: "International Conference on Web Intelligence 2017", ACM, (2017), ISBN: 978-1-4503-4951-2; 88 - 96.

English abstract:
OEe growth of Linked Data has created a promising environment
for data exploration and a growing number of tools allow users
to interactively integrate data from various sources. Eliciting the
reliability of the results of such ad-hoc integration processes, consistently recreating those results, and identifying changes upon
re-execution, however, can be di cult. Automated process provenance trail creation can provide major beneEurots in this context,
because (i) it enables users to trace the contribution of individual sources and processing steps to the Euronal outcome and judge
whether the result can be trusted; (ii) it ensures repeatability and
raises the trustworthiness of results; (iii) it ideally enables reconstruction of Linked Data integration processes from the provenance
information embedded in the Euronal result. In this paper, we present a
provenance model that facilitates automatic generation of semantic
provenance information for generic Linked Data integration processes. We implement the generic model in a collaborative mashup
environment and evaluate it by means of an example application.
We Eurond that the model provides a solid foundation for veriEuroability
and contributes towards making Linked Data integration processes
more open, transparent, and reusable, which is crucial in domains
where the origin of data is essential, such as, for instance, statistical
analyses, scientiEuroc research, and data journalism.

data processing, provenance, linked data

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