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G. Rogl, P. Sauerschnig, Z Rykavets, V.V. Romaka, P. Heinrich, B. Hinterleitner, A. Grytsiv, E. Bauer, P. Rogl:
"(V,Nb)-doped half Heusler alloys based on {Ti,Zr,Hf}NiSn with high ZT";
Acta Materialia, 131 (2017), 1; 336 - 348.

English abstract:
Half Heusler alloys are among the most promising materials for thermoelectric generators as they can be
used in a wide temperature range and their starting materials are abundant and cheap, the latter as long
as no hafnium is involved. For Sb-doped Ti0.5Zr0.25Hf0.25NiSn Sakurada and Shutoh in 2008 have published
ZTmax 1.5 at 690 K, a value that hitherto was never reproduced independently. In this paper we
successfully prepared Ti0.5Zr0.25Hf0.25NiSn with ZTmax 1.5, however, at higher temperature (825 K). As
the main goal is to produce hafnium e free half Heusler alloys, we investigated the influence of niobium
or vanadium dopants on TixZr1 xNiSn0.98Sb0.02, reaching ZTs > 1.2 and thermal-electric conversion efficiencies
up to 13.1%. For Hf-free n-type TiNiSn-based half Heusler alloys these values are unsurpassed.
In order to further improve our thermoelectric materials our study is completed by electrical resistivity
and thermal conductivity data in the low temperature range but also by mechanical properties (elastic
moduli, hardness) at room temperature. The electrical properties have been discussed in comparison
with DFT calculations.

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