T. Eilam, W. Hummer, F. Oliveira, F. Rosenberg:
"Testing functional correctness and idempotence of software automation scripts";
Patent: USA, No. Us9317410 B2; submitted: 2013-03-15, granted: 2016-04-19.

English abstract:
Various embodiments automatically test software automation scripts. In one embodiment, at least one software automation script is obtained. The software automation script is configured to automatically place a computing system into a target state. A plurality of test cases for the software automation script is executed. Each of the plurality of test cases is a separate instance of the software automation script configured based at least on one or more different states of the computing system. The software automation script is determined to be one of idempotent and non-idempotent and/or one of convergent and non-convergent based on executing the plurality of test cases.

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