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C. Mayer, B. Hametner, S. Parragh, K Whitelegg, T. Weber, S. Wassertheurer:
"Interplay between sex and diagnosis of coronary artery disease in survival analysis in a high risk cohort";
Talk: ESC Congress 2017, European Society of Cardiology, Barcelona; 2017-08-26 - 2017-08-30; in: "ESC Congress 2017, European Society of Cardiology", T. F. Lüscher (ed.); European Heart Journal/Oxford University Press, Oxford (2017), ISSN: 0195-668x; 1124 - 1125.

English abstract:
Gender differences in the prevalence and diagnosis of coronary artery disease (CAD) are well described. In general, coronary events occur 10 years later in women than in men.

The aim of this study is to investigate the prognostic role of the presence of CAD in a high-risk cohort with a focus on gender differences.

In this longitudinal study, we followed patients who underwent coronary angiography for suspected CAD in a single university teaching hospital. CAD was diagnosed by consensus of at least three experienced angiographers who visually inspected the coronary angiograms. As primary endpoint a combination of myocardial infarction, death, stroke and cardiovascular revascularization was used. For this analysis, subgroups of patients were created according to sex (male/female), diagnosis of CAD (no CAD/CAD) and their four combinations.

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