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A. Preh, M. Illeditsch, M. Schmidt, P. Pamminger:
"Impact Of Rock Falls And Rock Slides On Protective Barriers: Comparative Calculations Using Distinct Element Method (dem)";
Talk: RocExs 2017, 6th Interndisciplinary Workshop on Rockfall Protection, Barcelona, Spain; 2017-05-22 - 2017-05-24; in: "RocExs 2017, 6th Interndisciplinary Workshop on Rockfall Protection", International Center for Numerical Methods in Engineering (CIMNE)Barcelona, Spain, (2017), 4 pages.

English abstract:
Dimensioning of protective barriers for falling rock represents a very important task to mini-mize risk to human life and infrastructure. Current approaches for the estimation of the dynamic impact of rock falls are providing static equivalent forces and are limited to the analyses of single block impacts (e.g. [1]). Two DEM-programs, PFC and UDEC of Itasca Consulting Group, have been used to analyze the different effects of action (max impact forces) from single rock fall compared to rock mass fall by means of simple numerical models. Moreover, the mod-els have been used in order to get a better understanding of the mechanics of rock falls, rock mass falls and rock slides.

rock fall, rock fall embankment, impact forces, rock mass fall, rock slide

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