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E. Fleris, A. Preh, B. Kolenprat:
"Study Of Rockfalls In A Quarry Environment: Physical And Numerical Experiments";
Vortrag: RocExs 2017, 6th Interndisciplinary Workshop on Rockfall Protection, Barcelona, Spain; 22.05.2017 - 24.05.2017; in: "RocExs 2017, 6th Interndisciplinary Workshop on Rockfall Protection", International Center for Numerical Methods in Engineering (CIMNE)Barcelona, Spain, (2017), 4 S.

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The study of rockfalls in quarries aims at a better understanding of the phenomenon and the improvement of safety conditions for employees. The later can be achieved through a correct identification and dimensioning of hazard zones related to rockfall activity. It is suggested that two different zones can be defined at the toe of a quarry slope and that these zones can be dimensioned according to rockfall associated values, concerning expected distances for runout and first impacts. These characteristic distances are influenced by several parameters such as size and form of falling rocks, surface roughness and geometry of the slope, rebound behaviour during impacts, all adding up to a relationship with a strongly random character. After observing and analyzing drop tests conducted on a granite quarry slope, we present results from efforts to calibrate and use an experimental stochastic 3D code for rockfall nu-merical simulations.

Rockfall, drop tests, numerical simulations in 3D, hazard zoning

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