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S. Murzin, G. Liedl:
"Laser welding of dissimilar metallic materials with use of diffractive optical elements";
Computer Optics, 41 (2017), 6; 848 - 855.

English abstract:
A use of laser technology it is progressive in the welding of dissimilar materials. Pulsed laser welding of an aluminum alloy AK4 and a titanium alloy VT5-1 was performed. Processing conditions were determined, the realization of which during melting of materials in the heat-affected zone makes it possible to obtain a homogeneous structure without voids and shells, potentially producing sufficiently sound welded joints. To create the required power density distribution across the laser beam, it was found expedient to use diffractive optical elements. Aluminum and copper were welded by continuous laser beam. It is determined that laser action with its well-defined and precise localized heat input makes it possible to significantly reduce the growth of intermetallic compound layers.

metallic materials, welded joints, aluminium, laser action, diffractive optical elements

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