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C. Sekine, U. Sai, J. Hayashi, Y. Kawamura, E. Bauer:
"High-pressure Synthesis and Bulk Modulus of Non-centrosymmetric Superconductor Mo3Al2C";
J. of Phys.: Conf. Series, 950 (2017), 042028; 1 - 3.

English abstract:
Mo3Al2C is a superconductor without inversion symmetry (the transition temperature T C ~ 9K). We have succeeded in preparing high-quality samples of Mo3Al2C using the high-pressure synthesis technique. The samples were characterized by powder x-ray diffraction (XRD) analysis. Furthermore, powder XRD patterns for the samples with synchrotron radiation have been studied under high pressures up to around 10 GPa and the volume versus pressure curve for the compound has been investigated. A bulk modulus was estimated to be 221 GPa.

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