Publications in Scientific Journals:

L. Salamakha, O. Sologub, B. Stöger, P. Rogl, M. Waas, V. Kapustianyk, E. Bauer:
"ScRu2B3 and Sc2RuB6: Borides Featuring a 2D Infinite Boron Clustering";
Inorganic Chemistry, 56 (2017), 17; 10549 - 10558.

English abstract:
Re-examination of the Sc−Ru−B system revealed two novel borides, ScRu2B3 and Sc2RuB6. While the structure of Sc2RuB6 correlates well with the atomic percentage of boron and metal exhibiting planar nets of condensed boron pentagons, hexagons, and heptagons, ScRu2B3 is an exception in the classification scheme of borides. It exhibits an unusual unique structure where the infinite boron 63 nets intercalate with CeCo3B2-related slabs. Excellent agreement between structural, physical, and electronic structure characteristics has been achieved.

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