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E. Wall:
"Incomplete Cartographies. A Methodology for Unfinished Landscapes";
OASE. Journal for Architecture (eingeladen), 98 (2017), S. 109 - 115.

Kurzfassung englisch:
Landscapes resist definition. The ephemeral and dynamic conditions of landscapes counter attempts to spatially and representationally control them. But how does this proposition resonate with transformative processes of reworking landscapes? How can designs and representations that attempt to fix time and complete space be opened up to accept gaps of information, divergent trajectories, incomplete understandings and unfinished constructions? How can designers cede control to the agency of landscape? This paper explores concepts and practices which embrace unfinished cartographies and in-progress landscapes. It discusses ways of working that question prevailing project-focused practices and their associated representations. The paper describes a combining of ethnographic and landscape architecture methods, of mapping, analysing and designing, in order to reconsider techniques of research and design and to create maps that can be read simultaneously for navigation, recording and design. It specifically proposes a method of `incomplete cartographies´ as a way of accepting the subjectivity of partial landscape representations, through advocating co-authored mappings to construct complex spatiotemporal narratives of people, spaces and perceptions.

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