M. Pohl, J. Haider:
"Sense-making Strategies for the Interpretation of Visualizations-Bridging the Gap between Theory and Empirical Research";
Multimodal Technologies Interact 2017, 1 (2017), 3; 21 S.

Kurzfassung englisch:
Making sense of visualizations is often an open and explorative process. This process is still not very well understood. On the one hand, it is an open question which theoretical models are appropriate for the explanation of these activities. Heuristics and theories of everyday thinking probably describe this process better than more formal models. On the other hand, there are only few detailed investigations of interaction processes with information visualizations. We will try to relate approaches describing the usage of heuristics and everyday thinking with existing empirical studies describing sense-making of visualizations.

information visualization; cognition; evaluation; heuristics; everyday reasoning; sense-making strategies

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