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B. Hametner, S. Wassertheurer:
"Pulse Waveform Analysis: Is It Ready for Prime Time?";
Hypertension Reports, 19 (2017), 9; 7 pages.

English abstract:
Purpose of Review
Arterial pulse waveform analysis has a long tradition but has not pervaded medical routine yet. This review aims to answer the question whether the methodology is ready for prime time use. The current methodological consensus is assessed, existing technologies for waveform measurement and pulse wave analysis are discussed, and further needs for a widespread use are proposed.
Recent Findings
A consensus document on the understanding and analysis of the pulse waveform was published recently.
Although still some discrepancies remain, the analysis using
both pressure and flow waves is favoured. However, devices
which enable pulse wave measurement are limited, and the
comparability between devices is not sufficiently given.
Pulse waveform analysis has the potential for prime
time. It is currently on a way towards broader use, but still
needs to overcome challenges before settling its role in medical routine.

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