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M. Wanjek, G. Hauger:
"Reliability of Travel Time: Challenges Posed by a Multimodal Transport Participation";
in: "IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering", IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering, 2017, 10 pages.

English abstract:
Travel time reliability represents an essential component in individual decision
making processes for transport participants, particularly regarding mode choices. As criteria
that describe the quality of both transportation systems and transportation modes, travel time
reliability is already frequently compiled, analysed and quoted as an argument. Currently,
travel time reliability is solely mentioned on monomodal trips, while it has remained
unconsidered on multimodal transport participation. Given the fact that multimodality gained
significantly in importance, it is crucial to discuss how travel time reliability could be
determined on multimodal trips. This paper points out the challenges that occur for applying
travel time reliability on multimodal transport participation. Therefore, examples will be given
within this paper. In order to illustrate theoretical ideas, trips and influencing factors that could
be expected within the everyday transport behaviour of commuters in a (sub)urban area will be

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