Contributions to Proceedings:

R. Ganian, M. S. Ramanujan, S. Szeider:
"Backdoor Treewidth for SAT";
in: "Theory and Applications of Satisfiability Testing - SAT 2017", Springer-Verlag, 2017, ISBN: 978-3-319-66262-6, 20 - 37.

English abstract:
A strong backdoor in a CNF formula is a set of variables such that
each possible instantiation of these variables moves the formula into
a tractable class. The algorithmic problem of finding a strong
backdoor has been the subject of intensive study, mostly within the
parameterized complexity framework. Results to date focused primarily
on backdoors of small size. In this paper we propose a new approach
for algorithmi- cally exploiting strong backdoors for SAT: instead of
focusing on small backdoors, we focus on backdoors with certain
structural properties. In particular, we consider backdoors that have
a certain tree-like structure, formally captured by the notion of
backdoor treewidth. First, we provide a fixed-parameter algorithm for
SAT parameterized by the backdoor treewidth w.r.t. the fundamental
tractable classes Horn, Anti-Horn, and 2CNF. Second, we consider the
more general setting where the backdoor decomposes the instance into
components belonging to different tractable classes, albeit focusing
on backdoors of treewidth 1 (i.e., acyclic backdoors). We give
polynomial-time algorithms for SAT and #SAT for instances that admit
such an acyclic backdoor.

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