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S. Gaspers, N. Misra, S. Ordyniak, S. Szeider, S. Zivný:
"Backdoors into heterogeneous classes of SAT and CSP";
Journal of Computer and System Sciences, 85 (2017), 38 - 56.

English abstract:
In this paper we extend the classical notion of strong and weak
backdoor sets for SAT and CSP by allowing that different
instantiations of the backdoor variables result in instances that
belong to different base classes; the union of the base classes forms
a heterogeneous base class. Backdoor sets to heterogeneous base
classes can be much smaller than backdoor sets to homogeneous ones,
hence they are much more desirable but possibly harder to find. We draw
a detailed complexity landscape for the problem of detecting strong
and weak backdoor sets into heterogeneous base classes for SAT and

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