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S. Bova, F. Slivovsky:
"On Compiling Structured CNFs to OBDDs";
Theory of Computing Systems, 61 (2017), 637 - 655.

English abstract:
We present new results on the size of OBDD representations of structurally characterized classes of CNF formulas. First, we prove that variable convex formulas (that is, formulas with incidence graphs that are convex with respect to the set of variables) have polynomial OBDD size. Second, we prove an exponential lower bound on the OBDD size of a family of CNF formulas with incidence graphs of bounded degree. We obtain the first result by identifying a simple sufficient condition-which we call the few subterms property-for a class of CNF formulas to have polynomial OBDD size, and show that variable convex formulas satisfy this condition. To prove the second result, we exploit the combinatorial properties of expander graphs; this approach allows us to establish an exponential lower bound on the OBDD size of formulas satisfying strong syntactic restrictions.

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