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P. Smolek, I. Leobner, G. Gourlis, B. Mörzinger, B. Heinzl, K. Ponweiser:
"Hybrid Building Performance Simulation Models for Industrial Energy Efficiency Applications";
Journal of Sustainable Development of Energy, Water and Environment Systems, In Press (2017), 1 - 13.

English abstract:
In the challenge of achieving environmental sustainability, industrial production plants, as large contributors to the overall energy demand of a country, are prime candidates for applying energy efficiency measures. A modelling approach using cubes is used to decompose a production facility into manageable modules. All aspects of the facility are considered, classified into the building, energy system, production and logistics. This approach leads to specific challenges for building performance simulations since all parts of the facility are highly interconnected. To meet this challenge, models for the building, thermal zones, energy converters and energy grids are presented and the interfaces to the production and logistics equipment are illustrated. The advantages and limitations of the chosen approach are discussed. In an example implementation, the feasibility of the approach and models is shown. Different scenarios are simulated to highlight the models and the results are compared.

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