Editorials in Scientific Journals:

M. Schöbinger, J. Schöberl, K. Hollaus:
"Adaptive Mesh Refinement for Multi-Scale FEM for the Eddy Current Problem in Laminated Materials";
accepted for publication in IEEE Transactions on Magnetics.

English abstract:
Solving the eddy current problem on a domain consisting of many thin laminates using a finite element approach requires a mesh with a high number of elements to resolve each laminate, which in turn results in a computationally unfeasible amount of degrees from frredom in teh equation system. This work is based on a known multi-scacle ansatz which mitigates this problem by solving an averaged problem on a coarse mesh wich does not resolve the single laminates and superposing the solution with adequately chosen ansatz functions. This known method is enchenced by the deveopment of a local error estimator based on flux equilibration which allows for adaptive mesh refinement. The ideas will be presented for the single component current vector potentioal (in the following SCCV potential) in two dimensions

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