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J. Maschler, T. Hackl, M. Riedler, G. Raidl:
"An Enhanced Iterated Greedy Metaheuristic for the Particle Therapy Patient Scheduling Problem";
Talk: Metaheuristics: Proceeding of the MIC and MAEB 2017 Conferences, Metaheuristics: Proceeding of the MIC and MAEB 2017 Conferences; 2017-07-04 - 2017-07-07; in: "http://mic2017.upf.edu/proceedings/", (2017), 463 - 472.

English abstract:
The Particle Therapy Patient Scheduling Problem (PTPSP) arises in modern cancer treatment
facilities that provide particle therapy and consists of scheduling a set of therapies within a planning
horizon of several months. A particularity of PTPSP compared to classical radiotherapy scheduling
is that therapies need not only be assigned to days but also scheduled within each day to account
for the more complicated operational scenario. In an earlier work we introduced this novel problem
setting and provided first algorithms including an Iterated Greedy (IG) metaheuristic. In this work
we build upon this IG and exchange two main components: the construction phase and the local
search algorithm. The resulting metaheuristic enhances the existing approach and yields in most of
the considered benchmark instances substantially better results.

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